Monday, 16 January 2017

Imaging the hypoxic response

A new paper explores the use of fluorogenic dyes to image the hypoxic response of cells via CYP450 enzymes. This is the first paper citing the use of the far-red fluorescent reporter HypoxiTRAK (BioStatus Limited), published by research groups at the Departments of Chemistry and Oncology, University of Oxford.
The authors describe the development and performance of bioreductive azide dyes. HypoxiTRAK is BioStatus's commercially available probe for the detection of a functional reductive potential or response in cells experiencing hypoxic stress, and used here to validate the performance of the authors' experimental molecules.
See: CYP450 Enzymes Effect Oxygen-Dependent Reduction of Azide-Based Fluorogenic Dyes Liam J. O’Connor et al. (2017) ACS Central Science, Article ASAP